Save a Bundle by Switching to Solar Power

The state of California is leading the country in clean solar energy production, and for good reason.  Not only is there an abundance of sunshine available, but CA is also known for being home to progressive individuals who are dedicated to moving the world towards a new age of sustainability.  Beaumont, CA residents are fortunate to live in one of the best places to go solar in the entire world!

Because of the environmental problems that are being caused by CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, California has implemented numerous clean air programs that are designed to make this planet a cleaner and safer place.  California has strict emission policies for vehicles, and now they have started taking steps to make switching to residential solar power even more appealing than it already is.

Many CA residents have benefited greatly from installing residential solar panels in Beaumont, California, in many ways.  For starters, the California Solar Initiative, or CSI, makes it possible to have a healthy portion of your solar energy equipment paid for right off the bat.  Most homeowners are able to save around 60% off of their investment by taking advantage of government grants, a 30% federal tax credit until 2016, and the various rebates that are available through the CSI.

Residential Solar

You’ve heard of countries using solar power to create energy, but did you know that residential solar is possible too? We’re not just talking about in the homes of the rich and famous either. Residential solar panels are entirely possible in your home.

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Solar Cost

Most people would agree that solar technology is a very positive step in all ways. Not only are home solar panels helping people to reduce their carbon stamp on the Earth, but they are also saving homeowners a whole lot of money in the process.

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Solar Energy Systems

Modern photovoltaic systems have come a long way. Today’s home solar energy systems are extremely reliable and efficient, making them a highly appealing investment in many ways. Gone are the concerns of the past.

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Solar Panels

Electricity bills are getting more and more expensive every day. Millions of Americans are forced every day to choose between the high electric bill and the groceries. Stop paying for overly expensive electric bills.

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The government incentives are certainly enticing to a homeowner who is interested in going solar, but hesitant to pay the up-front costs.  However, there are even more exciting ways to cut down on solar costs.  Many companies will allow you to make monthly installments, which helps to ease the financial burden substantially.  There many leasing options available as well as payment plans that allow for a seamless transition.  Instead of paying monthly utility costs, you could be redirecting those payments to a legitimate long-term investment that will have lasting benefits.

When you buy solar panels, you are adding tangible value to your home.  Rather than paying large bills just to keep the lights on, you can actually pay to own equipment that will continue paying for itself long after it is paid off.  Most homeowners pay for their solar energy system in less than 7 years.  Most solar energy systems last well over 25 years.  That is a solid 18 years of enjoying cheap or free power.  At the rate that utility prices are increasing, that is going to be some serious savings.

The amount of money that can be saved by going solar is certainly one of the main reasons why Beaumont residents are seeking out home solar energy systems, but it is not the only one.  Many people these days are outfitting their homes with the latest green technology in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth.  If everyone does their part to stop contributing to the environmental problems facing all of us, it will be possible to enjoy a cleaner way of living that does not depend on fossil fuels.

Ideally, all of our energy sources would be clean and limitless.  Fossil fuels are just the opposite.  Not only will they run out one day, but every time that they are burned noxious greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere.  This is one of the main causes of global warming, acid rain, and other environmental issues.  It is imperative that reasonable solutions are implemented now – before it is too late.

Homeowners who live in California have the opportunity to save a bundle by switching to solar power today.  Never before has it been so easy and financially viable to go solar, and it likely will never be again.  Get in on the ground floor with solar energy!